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Boarding Facilities Tour

Boarding Facilities Tour


Video Text:

Hello guys. Welcome to the Bentley Animal Hospital boarding. Come on in.

This is our boarding facility. This is one of our special cabins we have. It has WIFI and TV for your pet or pets while you’re away.  Very spacious – 6 X 7 I believe.

We have smaller kennels here. This is Teddy in here – that’s doctor Bailey’s dog. Comes in every week; every day, and yes, he is blind.

This is our other Cabana. This is the home away from home. Kind of a more wildlife décor. Also, with TV and WIFI.

Then as we go down you can see our floors that we talked about – the epoxy floors with drains in them. Easy to clean, no odor.  Good ventilation system you can see in the roof. So, we have a heater over there on your left. We have three different areas that bring in fresh air for the animals every day. It’s key for the animals to have fresh air.

This is our larger room for the larger dogs, and some of our smaller dogs enjoy the space. That’s what makes us different.

Then we’ll continue to the back yard. We’ll take a look here at our spacious back yard. An eight-foot fence here. The fence is also six inches into the ground, so they can’t dig out. No way they can escape. A big play area where they can have different areas for playing with other pets.

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